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Writing Samples

11 pages.

Fantasy-horror character-driven narrative and dialogue.

Part of a short-story/novelette. Original work. (PDF)

5 pages.

Text-complete first installment of read-to-me bedtime book series.

Created for children ages 3+. Original Work. (PDF)

4 pages.

Sci-fi thriller dialogue sample with setting/theme overview.

Part of a stand-alone story. Original work. (PDF)

Pages variable.

Branching high fantasy story and multiple endings.

Stand-alone. Original Work. (inklewriter)

3 pages.

Character, mission, and "silent protagonist" dialogue design.

Created for theHunter: Call of the Wild, an Expansive Worlds game. (PDF)

2 pages.

Sci-fi themed character overview.

Created for a tabletop roleplaying game. Original work. (PDF)

1 page.

Casting brief for a university screenplay.

Created as part of assigned curriculum while attending SCAD. (PDF)

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