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Hello there.

My name is Woulfe Condra, and I am a writer, world builder, and narrative designer with a background in human behavior and communication.

My understanding of human connections, what motivates us, and the why behind our actions are the pillars through which I create characters, worlds, and settings that feel alive, rather than just written.

As an iterative-creative, I excel when given a seed of an idea that I can run with. This allows me to cultivate and grow it into something magnificent through incremental changes based on feedback and input from those around me.

That's not to say I can't handle a blank page; I have my own host of original ideas put to paper across a variety of genres and mediums.


Dark fantasy and science-fiction are my guilty pleasures. 

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Stay a while, and listen...

I have been creating and sharing my own stories since I first learned to speak. My parents, siblings, and cousins were often the victims of whatever strange adventure my imagination had decided we would be going on that day. Growing older, I often found myself lost in fiction, and have regularly made use of the books I read as inspiration and guides for how to tell better stories of my own.

In university I chose to study social psychology, hoping to gain a better understanding of the "why" and "how" behind people who succeed at accomplishing their goals. For ten years I worked as a communications professional in a variety of fields before making my way into the gaming industry. Over the last five years I've had the pleasure of experiencing video game marketing, community management, and production as I continued to hone my narrative and creative writing skills.

As a narrative designer and worldbuilder, I get to combine two of my greatest passions in video games and storytelling. For me, writing is the outlet for an imagination that constantly says "wouldn't it be cool if...". If it isn't traditional fiction, it's probably some idea for a mechanic in a game I enjoy, a magical item or interesting location for my homebrew tabletop worlds, or dreaming up a way to turn a story into an interactive gaming experience.


My philosophy on world building...

This video was recorded as part of a lightning talk. It was a work activity where all employees were invited to give a 10 minute presentation or overview about a subject they were passionate about.

I chose world building. Specifically focusing on the fundamentals, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to use world building as a tool to tell better, more cohesive stories in any medium.


Rather than spoil the whole thing for you, I'll let the video do the talking.

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